Petronomics Consulting

PetroNomics offers assistance with answering key questions in petroleum business.

Exploration Economics

How economic is an exploration venture? Can economic risk be mitigated through a new partnership?
How economics
Acquisition and Divestment

What signature bonus range is commensurate with a profitable opportunity? What share can be farmed out?

Value of Appraisal

Is (further) appraisal drilling economically justified? What value does it add to the portfolio?

Project Investment

What is the economic value of your investment? What is the best way of improving the project value? What are the risks?


In which elements of a possible deal is the economic value to you? What are goals for negotiations on fiscal and agreements terms. What price ranges to aim at when buying or selling hydrocarbons.

If you wish to run your own economics, but need a custom built model refer to Economic Models